Review #1 : YongSeo couple joins Yuri as MCs for Music Core


Music Core had special MCs joining SNSD’s Yuri this week and they were the lovable YongSeo couple from We Got Married! Seohyun and CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa had temporarily taken over Tiffany’s place as she continues her recovery from her vocal cord nodule injury.
Yuri, squeezed right between the couple, humorously expressed, “I feel supported having them MC with me, but on the other hand I wonder what I am doing here,” she later added, “Please refrain from goose bump-causing activities.”

Meanwhile on We Got Married which was broadcasted on the same day, the YongSeo couple transitioned from a newly-wed couple to an official one, and finally moved into their new home, beginning another new phase.

p/s: they're really cute

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  1. i can't include the video cause something wrong with the network.. huhuhu..


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