Typical Things For An Engineer


for me, it's true..
coz that's what happening to me..
after the test, i'll forget it..
it's not like i want to forget it..
it most like i'd left it on examination paper, accidently... hehe..
i believe that all of you had the same situation, isn't it??
except if your head as big as JIMMY NEUTRON.. hehe..

sometimes i wish my lecturers will say, "it will be an open book examination coz when you are employed, you'll open the book.. so, it's just waste of time to memorize it.."
pffttt~ it's heaven!!!
eventhough at the workshop, i noticed that the technician didn't remember at all the specific speed to be used for different operation..
he'll look at the whiteboard near the machine..
for me, to be a good engineer, you must understand and able to pratic it in correct way instead of memorizing...

but, in our country, Malaysia, the government always highlight on the ability of students to memorize..
where the fun learning things??
when i was in form one, i'd a teacher, from Scotland, Madamme Allison..
she'd different way of teaching her students..
that one, we can call it as a fun learning...

so, just keep going on if you keep forgetting..
hey, Bill Gates didn't pass in his test, at all..  ^.-

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  1. Agree. kat malaysia kita belajar berorientasikan peperiksaan. Nice post. :)


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