kera sumbang


why people always judge the others like they know that people for many years?
i talk about this because i'd done the same thing too..
but, when i realized, this is a BAD HABIT that people need to throw it from their mind..
maybe a little suspicious can be accept to protect ourselves.

we always judge people through the first impression..
sometimes what we saw is not their own true selves..
people always act in different way when they with strangers..
so, to get through it, we need to befriend with them..
if not, don't you ever judge them!

in my case, my classmates judge me as KERA SUMBANG!
it's a lie if i say i'm not angry with them..
but, it's a useless thing if i do it..
so, i just need to be pity with these peoples..
coz, i don't get any points..
you know what, those people called me like that are peoples that I'd talk with..
as i know, kera sumbang means a people that don't want to be involved in community.. they just want to do their own job and ignore the people around him/her..

gosh.. please la..
you guys don't know about my life..
so, pity to you guys coz talk rubbish about me..
want to get angry with me? just go on..
i rather to be kera sumbang than befriend with the person that always to take benefit to others..
please live like a human guys coz for Allah all humans are the same..
either you rich, poor, older, younger, there's no point you are higher than me for Allah..

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