Family & Stranger

there're time strangers are like family, and family like a stranger
i bet everyone ever feel like that..
SO . DO . I . 

sometimes, i feel more comfortable to have a chat with strangers..
mostly when i ride bus to back to hometown or my college..
i never know the name of the person next to me and i never bother to ask their name..
still, i enjoy to have chat with them...
but, it was before..
now, i rather to take single seat..
get into the bus, bung the earphone, turn on the music and sleep!

i'm not the type to share my problems with my family..
for me, i don't want to burden them with my problems unless i really need theirs help..
it's not i like to be secretive, just sometimes i feel awkward to tell them everything and wonder whether they understand my condition?
yes, i should give a try since they are my family but, i don't know how..
bcoz sometimes along ask me about my lifeless life, i don't know how to start, how to share about my life..
and at last, my answer, "okay je.. tak ada apa sangat.."
sometimes i want to be cheesy with my sister, talk about girly stuff but i always ended up with awkward moment..
but i wouldn't keep distance with my siblings..
still can laugh together, teasing each other just when they try to talk about me, i would distract them from being talking about me..
am i too much?

i wonder why i always be talkative with stranger rather than person that i know?
is it because i can act to be someone else with strangers?
where i can hide my weakness?
sounds hypocrite isn't it?

anyway, whoever you wanna be, and wherever you go, never abandon your family..
especially your parents..
eventhough i rarely share my problems, i always listen to their problems..
there's no loss to listen to yours family problems, helps to solve it, because that's what we call family :)

i love you
you love me
we are happy family
with a big, big heart
and a kiss from me to you
want you say you love me too..

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  1. memang kadang2 rasa camtu tapi famili tu sebenarnya yg akan bantu kita kelak

  2. bella pun macam tu kak . tak boleh nak 'open' sangat dengan family . rasa macam awkward gila . best tengok kawan yg rapat gila dengan mak diorang , boleh share everything , pasal hati & perasaan .

    1. yup.. same goes here.. tapi, lega sgt dpt mak yang memahami.. really heart to heart.. xyah citer pun dia dah faham :)

  3. thats ok wak...samala kita, bab nak kongsi ceta n masalah ngan kuarga ni hm... krole pun tak dpt...selalunya krole kongsi dgn kwn baik krole...and finaly she become my wife hihihi...cuma nasihat krole, kalo ada masalah tu jangan nak pendam2, kena luahkan jgk...takut serabut pala kan~tp apa2 pun lain org lain cara kan wak~

    1. hehehe.. true :) that's why zie buat blog.. tapi xde la luah semua benda kat sini.. ngeee :D


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