Heroes In The House

an entry to introduce the protector, the heroes, the boys and last but not least, the muslimin in mr. zack's family *selamba aku ubah nama abah ;P*

omaigash! i miss my chubby face :P *tapi pehal aku nampak golap skit?*
this is my big brother... the one and only..
his name is Firdaus and i just call him Pi!
but, i'm not so kamcheng with him bcoz i have some not-so-good-memory with him..
well, i once chased him with a knife in my hand.. hahaha..
by the way, this picture was taken at his wedding last year..
right now, he's waiting for his first baby..
may Allah make easy for his wife to give birth :)

the boy in yellow one is my lil' bro, the one in black is his bestfriend..
his name is Amin and right now he's in kem plkn..
kinda sad coz i didn't meet him while i'm in my holiday but mom said he'll back home this weekend.. hooray!
why? i like to tease him.. :P
he's a good brother ; responsible and become more mature after he entered hostel since form four..
Alhamdulillah :)
abah also said, "bertuah siapa yang kahwin dengan Amin tu", and i admit it..
boleh diharap dia ni!

who remember this pic please raise up your leg and smash on your laptop :P
hahaha.. this is my brother, Asyraf..
he looks like me! so, he's zizie in boy version.. wakaka..
he's 17 but already in diploma..
because he's in vocational school..
opss! i mean vocational college ;)
before this, we call it SM Teknik.. but now they have changed it to Kolej Vokasional..
that's why right now my brother in diploma and he always complained why he need to do so many folio (assignment). hahaha..
pity him :P

sorry for his bajet-cute-lettew face.. hahaha..
his name is Syahir.. Muhammad Syahir Sidqi..
when i have a fight with him, i will use his 'Sidqi' like this, " jagalah mung DENGKI!".. hahaha!!
i have this habit : he was standing next to me, then i will push him away with my body.. hahaha..
and he'll, "lorh.. nyenyeh ngguh..", nyenyeh means nganjing..
when he was a baby, he looks like a chinese baby with bushy hair..
i really hate his bushy hair coz he looks like a beggar.. wakaka!!!

Irfan for short..
emm.. how i want to describe him..
uncontrolable brother?
he's really naught and gnarly..
haiyya.. i don't know how to control him..
but, still he is a shy boy.. hahahaha..
i always bully him to take my things when i was very lazy to move from my place.. hahaha..

the last one is Ikhwan..
he's really anak mak!
maybe because he's the youngest, that's why he always follow wherever mak go..
i always scold him if he try to pamper with mak in front of me.. jealous! :P
he always being bullied by aqif.. hahaha..
an uncle being bullied by his nephew sounds really pathetic.. tsk! tsk! tsk! pity him ;)
but at least he always listen to mak..
okay, not always but most of the times..

so, that's all the men and boys in mr. zack's family ;)
the house kinda deserted if they're not at home..
especially at maghrib times..
and i'll yell at them, "bising la! bising la! aku keluar bilik ketgi, sorang-sorang kena dengan aku.."
pugnacious but cute sister in the house ;)

zizie's note : try to improve my english by writing ;) you're allowed to rebuke my fault :)

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  1. Alhamdulillah..colourful family ea..eratkan silaturahim sesama adik beradik kerana mereka ini anugerah terindah daripada Allah..rapatkan saf agar tiada ruang walau sedikit untuk syaitan memporak perandakan jalinan kasih ini..amin..

    1. ini baru yang lelaki kak.. belum masuk yg perempuannya lagi.. hihi.. insyaAllah.. kitorang xpernah abaikan antara satu sama lain :)

  2. Asyraf tu. he is quite good looking :)

    u the only girl dalam siblings ke?

    1. hehehe.. like sister like brother la.. hehehehe..
      no la.. wait for the another entry ;)

  3. wahh ramainye :D yg bongsu tu comel sangat :D heee~

    1. skang dah kurang comel sebab dah gelap.. kehkehkehkeh..

  4. Berderet adik beradik. Tapi best bila dpt kumpul bersama. :)


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