Minum U-Lite & Telan Co-Trimoxazole.. Yucks!!

Alhamdulillah Allah bagi aku lagi rezeki untuk bernafas di muka bumiNya..
dan hari ni aku berjaya menjawab paper Numerical Method & Matrix Algebra..
tawakal jela ye.. :)

actually i'm not very well this lately and i'm kinda not in mood to talk with anybody..

my disease really distract me to study and the worst it distract me more while i'm taking my exam..
i called kak shida, one of my angah's friend who's a doctor..
she said i need to go to clinic and take medicine..
well, i'm okay about go to clinic but take medicine (?) i hate it!

saya tak berapa sihat.. urgghhh...

when i went there, the man at the counter ask me, "sakit apa?"
haishh.. you're not the one who'll check me lorh..
i supposed told the doc right? hmm...
so, i just told him and he babbling some words that i should came earlier or else it will affected my kidney..
he said before this, there's a newlywed have a same disease like me and her kidney had shrank!!
OH MY GOD!!! huhuhu..

then he give my number, i wait for the doc, met the doc and need to take urine test..
dah agak dah kena buat urine test..
well, the result kinda poor and i got some medicine..

for two days i need to drink U-Lite..
U-Lite is an effervescent drink..
eventhough i got orange flavour, it taste awful bcoz it's an alkali..
last night i make some porridge and my tongue was burnt bcoz of the hot porridge..
than, i drink U-Lite.. know what??
i feel like want to scream, cry and and and.. whatsoever so that my tongue will be okay..
so, i stick out my tongue for 10 minutes like that and the tears coming out.. huhuhu..
so pity that there's no ice in my house.. huhu..

instead of it, i got antibiotic called Co-Trimoxazole..
it's for 5 days supply..
and as usual my head kinda dizzy when i take medicine..
that's why i hate medicine so much!

i told kak shida what doc said and about the medicine..
if i'm still in the same condition, i need to take some medical check-up just in case if there's something wrong..
like it or not, i need to take the medicine..

the last U-Lite i'd drink just a couple minutes ago..
now i need to finish the antibiotic..
mak told me buy some vitamin or scott emulsion..
i'd told mak that i almost run out of money and i'll back home next week..
so, there's no need to buy vitamin or whatever..
nanti balik, mak suap titew vitamin ek.. hehehe..

and thanx to nani took me to the hospital and always asked me if i take the medicine or not.. hehe..

nota zizie : kepala pening balik sebab baru lepas makan ubat @.@

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