She Managed To Mess My Mind

a beautiful girl with a sweet smile..
just a year younger than me and insist to call me akak coz she doesn't have any sibling..
i know her through my best friend who died last year..
and this girl is his fiancee..

he left me to go where he belongs to and he left this girl with me..
you make a right choice my friend..
she's a great girl with a kind heart..

she managed to mess my mind, once again, tonight..
why don't you let me just hate him ?
why you're so confident that i still love him ?
why you made me remember about him ?
whatever i did, nothing will change..
don't encourage me to love him again..
let my love story end here, can you?

i don't want hurt him anymore..
he said he's not happy with me..
i shouldn't tortured him by keeping him beside me..

dear, please don't mess my mind..
i'm acting tough so that i can move on my live..
everyone wants a great life and so do I..
let me have it even just for a moment, even my heart torn inside, even it just a fake smile, even it an annoying laugh..

i know you want me to clear about my feelings..
maybe sometime i'm confuse about it..
but you need to know that we can't hold something that not belongs to you..
and he's not belongs to me..

just be by my side, my dear..
insyaAllah, that is enough for me to know that i have a sister who is really care about me :)

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