Ears & Shoulder


I need a pair of ears to hear my problems.
I need only a shoulder to lean my head.
I need a hand that'll hug me, and the other hand pout me gently.
I lost all of that for almost three weeks. Maybe..

Tons of works, maybe i still can consider about it..
But with a bunch of problems! I try to endure it..
But when it's about family matter, i really want to scream through all my heart..

Almost every night..
Drop the almost word!
Every night, i cry...
Cry in the middle of night while cover my face with mr. Puffy just the only way i can do..
So i can sleep.. Just for 3 hours like that and it is good enough for me..

I just don't want to tell to random peoples who doesn't know me well..
I'd enough with that..
So, i just can cry and pray to Allah so He will help me..

Just now..
I just tired to shed my own tears..
But i can't find the right person to do it for me..
I don't want to be like this..
I don't want to cry every night..
I don't want to be happy in front of others but cry on my bed every night..
I don't want to act strong anymore..
It's really hurt...

1% water + 99% feelings = 100% tears.

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