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Assalamualaikum wbt
Heyyo GG!!

Roughly, it had been 2 years++ since the smartphone had been a trend nowadays. It’s kinda awesome right to have a great technology around you. Therefore, I also grabbed one of the smartphone that I reaaalllyyy crazy with.

Samsung Galaxy Note II :)

What’s the most important; the technologies nowadays keep me to get in touch with the person that i most grateful in my life, my family without being charged. And of course! I need wireless connection for that. Last month, my sister also got a tablet from her husband. How lucky she is. So, we don’t have any problems to get in touch with her. FAMILY COMES FIRST!! That’s our philosophy.. hehe.. hey, who doesn't love their own family, right?

And of course, besides my lovely family, he is also the one I love and grateful to be with.

using his Samsung Tab.

Since both of us using Digi Easy Prepaid, we don’t have any problems to communicate because we get free call and message for each other. Awesome, right?

Oh, by the way, yesterday at Jusco Aeon Bandar Melaka, I just saw Digi was promoting DIGIzens Thank You Sale.

Well, since I need to meet someone at that time, I don’t have time to go to their booth. So I look up at their website, and here are their special offers.

At the end of the year, there were so many Year End Sales. Why i'm short of money right now.. T_____T

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  1. kempen sony ek zizie.. hihi....

    Boleh jenguk mama di sini.. Mommy As Blog

  2. oke. good luck. hahaha. itew nak sgt menang. sbb fon itew rosak. kah3

  3. all the best.. btw, shad tak penah guna digi.. hehe

  4. Yup, keluarga kita terutamanya mak ayah kita adalah orang yang paling dihargai dalam hidup kita :-)

  5. Saya pun pengguna digi..

    Semoga berjaya :)

  6. My friend also has the samsung note 2. Me and him just so addicted to the games on it hehe. always find any opportunity to download as many games as he could.

  7. pernah pakai digi juga dulu :)

  8. baru berkira2 nak membeli samsung note yg baru.. tapi kena tangguh dulu since hujung tahun, byk duit nak kena pakai.. huwaaaaa.. jelesnyer tengok samsung dia kat atasss tuuuuu...... ):

    oh ye, salam kenal dari cik gee ^^

  9. tak pernah guna digi.. dulu guna celcom dan skrg maxis pulak.. hehe.. all the best ye. :)

  10. ciee akak ziee dah tambah smart laa ngan smartphone XDD

  11. Hey... It's really great that Digi is doing this contest, cuz now i get the chance of getting to know more bloggers in Malaysia... I enjoyed reading yours! and I wish you good luck. Here is a link to my article that I wrote for the person I am most grateful for in life. Feel free to check it out and would love to hear from you! http://www.bellanthehooligans.com/my-beautifully-painful-childhood/

  12. ehhh ehhh sama laa kita....tp ika let go kat mama note II..sebab nak amik lain insyaAllah nanti hewhew...sb note II note really handy for me so menyampah pakai miahahaha

  13. kak sally serius tak minat Samsung even CNBLUE duta Samsung S4 kan..hahaha...

    tapi xperia Z yg kat bawah tu...huwaaaaaaa~


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