Upset |
  • To make someone worried, unhappy, or angry
  • To change the usual  or expected state or order of something, especially in a way that stops it from happening or working.

In my situation, it happens both. When something doesn't goes like I wanted, eventually it makes me worried, unhappy and angry. Who doesn't? It is very hard to change people's mindset and it is really make me upset when I changed but others don't want to accept it.

In some occasion, I can just ignore and walk away like nothing happen but this time, it is related with my future and I really cannot escape from it. I wish I can.. seriously. And right now I am stuck in the situation.

I really hate when I overthink about it and it really hurt my head. Just this morning I woke up to perform solah and my left side head really in pain. Maybe it's due to a lot of crying before I asleep last night. I mean, morning. Luckily today is my off day. Who wants to go work with puffy eyes, right?

I barely share my problem to my friend but she can't help anything about it except listen to my story. Thanks pal. It is more than nothing what you do for me. At least i feel 1% relieve my sadness.

Right now, only by go to work, I do not think about this problem. Since in my small office I have a hilarious operation analyst and a big laughter clerk who wouldn't lemme have my own time. I used show my grumpy face because I want to be alone but they really don't understand or don't want to understand? So I end up be my cheerful self. But once I stepped out from my office, all the sorrow feelings came back to me. I spaced out while I ride on my motorcycle and wonder how long will this last?

I changed for my own good, I changed because I tired being hurt, I changed to protect myself. And once again, when this rain will stop? Cause I'm really missing the beautiful rainbow.

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  1. Menangislah...itu dapat mengurangkan bisa dihati...insyaAllah Zie....ada pelangi untuk Zizie..

  2. Don't be upset, I'm sure you'll get through it. I've read this post using mobile just now but idk I can't leave any comment on your blog. Was it because of my phone or simply your template? i'm not sure. Be strong ya! :)

  3. Tak salah kalu Zizie nak menangis kerana ianya dapat melepaskan apa yang terbuku dalam hati dan ianya akan melegakan jiwa.. Tapi sebaik-baiknya menangislah dan mengadulah di depan Allah kerana ianya lebih mujarab.. =)

  4. sometimes is good to let all those emotions out. Eat some ice-cream and cry

    Nurul Rasya | Blog

  5. why kak zizie ? be strong . I know you not that weak .

  6. Be strong Zizie..
    Remember every problem has a solution 👍

  7. When disappointing situation came along, later on happenings goes every problem always have a solution at the end...

  8. ada masalah berat selalunya menangis jelah.. be strong hopefully everythings going smooth

  9. bertabahlah, hidup memang kadang ada pahit, masam dan kelatnya.barulah ada rasa 'hidup' kan? rencah hidup

  10. Jangan bersedih terlalu lama jangan down lama-lama nanti diri kita dah tak produktif lagi untuk kejar matlamat hidup kita yang hakiki

  11. Menangislah.... :) tak salah menangis... I don't know what happen to you, Zizie... Ice Princess himnae!!! be strong!!! even though you can't.. keep smile and remember HE will always be with you :)

    TT^TT harap everything o.k.. jangan depress okeyh :)

  12. menangislah, lepaskan semua yg terbuku di hati. tapi, jangan terlalu layan kesedihan tu, boleh down jadinya


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