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To be honest, I am not so good in finding gift for someone because I kinda shrewish when it come about giving something for someone. I want the gift be something precious, valuable or sentimental to the person who received the gift. Sometimes, I wish I am a creative person, but I am not. The last gift that made by myself was a bottle of star during Teacher's Day in primary school. That is the only thing that I am good at. And I found that it is really hard to find gift for men, because most of their "things" are expensive. Is it because men are not shopaholic like women?

However, with Printcious, you can be creative by customizing the chosen items with only by following 4 easy steps. I found this is fascinating because it is so useful for the person like me. For those who doesn't know about Printcious, Printcious provide an online design tool for customers to customise their DIY gifts such as T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, phone cases, cushions and many more easily online for occasions such as birthdays, weddings or corporate events.

4 simple steps to customize your gift with Printcious
1. Choose your product
2. Upload photo or design.
3. Add & edit text
4. Place order

Firstly, you need to choose the product. There are about 21 products such as T-shirt, mug, cushion and many more. They even have baby rompers if you want to give gift for newborn baby to your friends or relatives. It is so great since this site have many things to be a custom gifts. Next, after select the product, you can start customize it with your design or photo. Of course you can preview it since you don't know how it would look like. After that, you can add your own text on it. If you fully satisfy with your design, you can place the order and just wait it arrives at your doorstep.

Not just that, if you are having special occasion, for example, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day or anything else, Printcious already sort it out for you. I reaaaalllllyyyyy love this kind of user friendly feature in their website. It will make us easily to make a choice and buy especially you cannot make up your mind. Well, if it is just same as the store in shopping mall, it will be inconvenient for customers to make choice and I am talking about me, especially. Hee.

More easier to find gift with Printcious
On top of that, the prices are very affordable. I already go through all the items and their prices are RM 60 and below. Free shipping is only available for order above RM 50 and it is only applicable for West Malaysia. How much the price is not important. What important is the sincerity that you put in it. Chewah~

I hope you will be enjoy when you online shopping in Printcious. By the way, if you are looking for mug printing supplier,colour mug or button badgesdon’t forget to contact them. Or if you have any upcoming birthday party and would like to impress your guest, photo booth rental is your best entertainment.

Till then, bye.

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  1. Untuk yang tersayang direka oleh kita sendiri...

  2. Maybe I can try it once I'm back in Malaysia.

  3. one thing i love about them is their website

  4. wahhh bestnyaaa boleh create sndiri based on idea kite :D


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