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Hi guys! Recently, MAGGI Pedas Giler making an uproar throughout Malaysian's media social by saying it is so spicy, compared with Samyang. I tried to find any articles or news why MAGGI came out with this product but unfortunately I cannot find it even in their hompage. So, I guess they want to try compete with Samyang, the most popular korean ramen which infamous with their spiciness.

Couple few weeks ago, accidentally, I saw Maggi Pedas Giler in Mydin Meru and they still have a lot of stocks. So, I bought it and wanted to compare it with Samyang because I am one of Samyang's fan. You can read my previous post about Samyang (but I wrote it in Malay). I wanted to make a video about it but I still don't have any self confidence to make a video and unknowledgeable in editing video. So, if you have any suggestions for editing video tutorial sites, you can drop it in my comment section since I am afraid I got the wrong one.



MAGGI Pedas Giler serve in two different flavors; Ayam Bakar (Roasted Chicken) and Tom Yummz (Tomyam) in bowl pack. So, you wouldn't found it in others packaging. Oh, also sorry I can't found me receipts and cannot provide you the price. What I remembered, Tom Yummz flavor a little bit pricey than Ayam Bakar and also, different stores have different prices.

I kinda attracted with the pack and instructions on the bowl's lid is sort of cute for me. I followed the instructions (refer to langkah 3 on the lid), but when I want to pour out the water, the noodles still going out and I end up using my filter to avoid it from dropped in sink. By the way, if you're familiar with preparing Samyang or Mi Sedap, the preparation is still similar.

Here are the looks after I mixed all the ingredients. Both of it looks same and have no any different even through their smell. While I poured the ingredients into the bowl, I can smelled the spiciness and made me almost sneezed. Hehehe. Don't worry, I did not sneezed in my meals. I started my meals with eating du'a, and took a first slurp of Ayam Bakar. I felt my stomach had the spicy sensation and after the third one, I started to feel the spiciness in my mouth. I only had a drink in the middle of finishing the Ayam Bakar. It was spicy but I still can bare with it. My eyes getting teary after I finish all of the Ayam Bakar flavor. T_______T what a spicy. In term of taste, the flavor it's just so-so for me.

The second one; Tom Yummz flavor. The first slurp was more spicier!! I keep drank after a slurp. My lips were getting bigger and I gave up in the middle. It was SO SPICY and BURN!! I thought because it was my second bowl, that's why I felt so burnt but my friend also told me that the Tom Yummz flavor is spicier than Ayam Bakar. My another friend also gave up after took the first slurp of Tom Yummz. So, Tom Yummz flavor is spicier than Ayam Bakar. In the term of taste, I kinda disappointed. I think, rather than MAGGI named it Tom Yummz flavor, maybe they should change it to LIMEZZ flavor. Other than spicy, I only can taste the sourness of lime. There's no tom yam flavor at all.

Here are my comparison with Samyang:
1. You shouldn't drink any water during or straight after eat Samyang because it will burn up your mouth more. But, you can drink while eating MAGGI Pedas Giler because the level of burning is just same.
2. Samyang structure is more thicker than MAGGI Pedas Giler.
3. My saliva got thicker after I ate Samyang and I can spit it to reduce the spiciness but not MAGGI.
4. In order to reduce the sensation, I try to eat something dry like biscuit and cake. It's working for both Samyang and MAGGI.
5. MAGGI not only gave the sensation in my mouth, but also in my stomach. My stomach was almost exploded because I drank a lot of water.

As a conclusion, I prefer Samyang rather than MAGGI Pedas Giler because I cannot bare the level of the spiciness. However, I like what MAGGI trying to do. They trying to bring Malaysian flavor to another level, but MAGGI, your Tom Yummz flavor is so wrong. Very wrong for me. So, my friends, if you think Samyang is not so challenging, try MAGGI Pedas Giler.

Till then, bye.

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  1. I really wanted to try this but then I couldn't find it in any stores.. D:

    1. i heard many stores already sold out.. btw, where do you live?

  2. I really underestimated Maggi Pedas Giler at first. Hahaha. Meletoppp mulut den. But, in comparison, I prefer Samyang.

  3. I want to try this Maggi. Hopefully they'll be available when I'm back.

  4. nak try jgk..cari xjumpa lagi..huhu

  5. Akak dan En Suami jeling2 je zie. Ada juga rasa nak mencuba tapi risau pulak.

  6. I wantwd to try this so bad so that I can compare it with Samyang but I couldn't find it anywhere around my place yet. So sad 😢

  7. haven't tried this or samyang.
    tak brape minat mee segera.
    tapi, mcm best jer. mcm kena try jer.


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