Four Ways To Decorate With Mirrors In Small Spaces


With property prices soaring higher and higher, the price you pay per square footage is now much higher than ever before. Newly developed condominiums (for example, those situated in setia alam property) are getting smaller and smaller. It is thus time for you to stop fighting and start embracing smaller spaces.

As they say, decorating small spaces is 75 percent visual manipulation. Thus, what better visual tool to use than a mirror. Mirrors are a designer’s best trick to help small spaces breathe. It’s no secret that a well-placed mirror is one of the best tools in a small space owner’s back pocket. Not only do they create the illusion of larger space and better lighting, they take up very little room too, which is ideal for smaller spaces and cramped quarters. They can make trick and deceive your eye and make it seem like your space has more square feet, height and light that what you paid for.

To help you on your visual endeavor in making your small space look larger, here are four tips that you can consider when decorating with mirrors.

Go big or go home

The smaller the space, the bigger the mirror. This might sound counterintuitive to conventional design ideas for small spaces, and with good reason. The most often heard mantra is that the size of your furniture should match the size of your space. However, the opposite approach should be taken when dealing with mirrors.

Choosing a mirror for your space is all about the effect, and less about the proportions. In fact, choosing a mirror that is too small can actually make your room appear even smaller and cluttered. Large mirrors work best in tight areas such as hallways or small nooks, where small mirrors will only serve to emphasize the lack of space.

There is, however, one exception to the bigger is better rule: frames. Use mirrors with bulky and elaborate frames wisely. This is the only part of the mirror that needs to follow the rules of proportion. If your space is tight, don’t waste the space on elaborate mirror frames.

Creative placement

Get creative with your placement of mirrors. Don’t restrict their use to the same-old conventional places such as in the bedroom or in the closet. A smaller space requires much more creative methods of using mirrors in order to really unlock their full potential. For instance, place a large mirror in a narrow hallway to open up the space, or by the front door to make a powerful first impression.

You can also use statement mirrors to add a big of glamour and surprise in unexpected places. Think about adding a mirror with an ornate frame to your home library, or even as a focal piece in your living room. They are cheaper and more strategic than paintings because they open up your space while adding visual and architectural detail. Because you have less space, this works out for you perfectly. That is, two for the price of one.

However, do be wise and deliberate in your placement of mirrors. Don’t let creativity overrule your logic. Mirrors suggest narcissism, so their placement in certain areas need to be regulated. For example, avoid placing mirrors in places where they could distract from conversation, such as near the dining table, or right in front of a sofa.

Reflect light

A mirror can do wonders in making a small space look brighter, lighter and hence larger. It is in the nature of a mirror to reflect. So, use its innate abilities to its full potential. The visual and lighting effects of having mirrors in your small space can be equally as arresting as the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.

If your space does not get much natural light, and window or skylight construction is not a viable option, a mirror can easily do the trick. Think carefully about the angle of the room that you want to reflect. For example, hanging a large mirror on the wall opposite a window can easily maximize the amount of light you get in your space. You can also place two mirrors opposite each other so they reflect each other. However, take heed that the multiple reflections it creates can be a bit dizzying.

Mirrored furniture

When it comes to mirrored furniture, it is a matter of taste. When used moderately, it can make your space look good. However, one wrong step and your room might end up looking chintzy and garish. IT isn’t easy to style a room with mirrored furniture. Thus, it is better to err on the side of caution when adding mirrored furniture into your space.

Keep your space cohesive through minimal use of mirrored furniture. Mirrored glass, and by extension mirrored furniture, is a statement piece. Like glass and crystal, they are most glamorous when executed in small doses.

Although they may be impressive, they are not practical at all. A mirrored desk will get covered in stains and fingerprint smudges. If you don’t like this high maintenance look, why not go for smaller pieces, such as a mirrored jewelry box, or mirrored knobs on a chest of drawers. They can be both an arresting and subtle style statement.

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