Exclusive Suede Foldable Travel Bag by PTT Outdoor

Hi guys. Happy Eid Fitri to all muslims in the world. So, a week before Eid Fitri, I applied leave about a week because I really want to spend time with my family. Well it had been 5 years since we celebrated EId Fitri with Along. This year, she able to celebrate Eid Fitri with us! Hooray.

Since I took a week leave, so I cannot used my backpack because there are a lot of cothes and things I need to bring along. Luckily, I have the Suede Foldable Travel Bag by PTT Outdoor.

Yes, it's so small, right? How can I stuffed all my things in this small bag? You must watch below video to answer the questions.

Cool isn't it? These bag is stylish and have small compartments where I can put my earphone and charger. I also like on how it looks stylish rather than typical travel bag even with the small details on the design. Plus, I after used it, I can easily fold it and kept it in small space. Thus, I don't need to used a lot of space to keep it.

Another features are:

  • Capacity 32 L
  • Durable stitching
  • Have 4 different colour: Blue, Dark gre, Light grey and Orange (like mine!) 

Thanks PTT Outdoor because invent this kind of travel bag. It is spacious and handy to be used. So, to all my reader, if you want to grab this bag in cheaper price, you can use this voucher code RAYA5 for each Suede Foldable Tavel Bag that you purchase at https://www.pttoutdoor.com/shop/exclusive-suade-foldable-travel-bag/. Just click the link and happy shopping!

Till then, bye!

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  1. bagus beg macam ni tak makan space. boleh selit mana2 =D

  2. sblm tgk video terrrpelik kejap tengok beg kecik ni blh buat byk benda. rupanya ada magik lain xD


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